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Our Story

The is a company of women walking in the favour of God, who understand that the

favour of God has nothing to do with who we are but understanding who God is

and agreeing with the God word in our lives.

The was born out of the women's ministry of iSEE CHURCH

and is a collection of our digital and physical outworkings, designed to be a source of encouragement for women.


The was birthed from Luke 1:28

The angel appeared to Mary & said, “Grace to you, young woman,

for the Lord is with you and so you are anointed with great favour”.

Meet Our Leader

Ps Jo Geerling

FAVOURITE ED5 -306.jpg

Jo together with her husband Paul, are the senior pastors of iSEE CHURCH and are committed to building the local church and reaching their city and world with the good news of Jesus.


In just over 12 years iSEE CHURCH has grown from a dream in the hearts of Paul & Jo, to a multi campus, multi nation church with campuses in Brisbane, Launceston, Adelaide, Townsville, Mumbai, India and Hong Kong. 

Jo Geerling is a passionate speaker and leader, and has a desire to see people live a life connected to God! Jo has unique insight into the Word of God and an ability to share about the real issues of life from a perspective of faith.

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