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Let's Lunch!

Lunch is very important, yes?

We have a huge range of lunch suggestions and hosted lunch spots a short distance away.  Check out the spots we're especially keen on!


Lunch with Mel @ Vapiano (Carindale)

Lunch with Miriam @ Grill’d (Carindale)

Lunch with Amber & Katie @ Grill'd (Cannon Hill Plaza)

Lunch with Kat @ the Yiros Shop (Cannon Hill)

Lunch with Olive @ Ralph & Co (Camp Hill)

Lunch with Ellen & Maddi @ Coffee Club (Southgate)




Asian House Carina

3/82 Meadowlands Rd, Carina 


Getta Burger

1396 Creek Rd, Carina 

Westfield Carindale Dining + Quick Eats

1151 Creek Rd, Carindale  |   Directions to Carindale

Vapiano (Italian)  |  Jackpot Dining (Chinese)  |  Motto Motto (Japanese)  |  Guzman Y Gomez (Mexican)  |  Grill’d Burgers  |  Yum Cha

Cannon Hill Plaza

1909 Creek Rd, Cannon Hill | Directions to Cannon Hill Plaza

Grill’d Burgers  |  Koi Sushi  |  Maru - Korean BBQ  |  Satay Ria Malaysian  |  Little Red Dumplings

Southgate Park Shopping Mall

17-29 Southgate Ave, Cannon Hill  |  Directions to Southgate Park

The Coffee Club  |  The Yiros Shop  |  Masayama Japanese

Metropol Shopping Centre

742 Creek Rd, Carindale  |  Directions to Metropol

The Roman Empire Restaurant |  Grand Taj Indian  |  Noodle Box

Camp Hill Marketplace

25 Samuel St, Camp Hill  |  Directions to Camp Hill Marketplace

Nodo  |  Botanica Real Food  |  Grill’d Burgers  |  Zambrero Mexican   |  The Delightful Turk (Turkish)  |  Mamak Tandoori House  |  Banana Leaf Thai


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