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Simple Festive Grazing Board

We want to show you how to simply and beautifully level up your snacks into a stunning grazing board. You will be excited to know that it only takes a couple of mins to put together and the options are endless. You can add in or swap out any element to suit your taste and celebration.

Step 1. Gather the snacks!

Choose a selection of your favourite meats, cheeses, fresh berries, crackers, dips, fresh fruit and nuts. You can also add chocolate, fresh honeycomb, antipasto, olives, dehydrated fruit - anything you like.

Step 2. Choose a surface to build your grazing board on.

We have just started with 2 simple timber chopping boards to build on. But you can use any board/platter you already own or even just lay down some brown kraft paper onto your table or bench as a surface to build your grazing station.

Step 3. Place your main cheese and meat.

Step 3. Dips, fruit and nuts.

Fill small bowls and cute dishes with your dips, dried fruit and nuts to elevate the look and add some height to the board. It also makes it easier to move everything around if you want to readjust the layout. Also its great to separate the nuts in a bowl for those with allergies.

Step 4. Place your breads and crackers.

Try whole sourdough rolls and slice the rolls yourself its such a beautiful look!

Step 5. Fresh fruit.

Fill in the spaces with your fresh fruit, berries you can even add some chocolate too!

And that's it your board is done! You can double or triple the quantities depending on your gathering size it's so simple and flexible you can use this for any event or celebration.

We would love to see your grazing board creations! Tag us in your grazing board photos on instagram @favour.women. Happy snacking!

x The Favour Team

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