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6 Steps to Keeping Your Indoor Plants Alive!

One quick flick through Instagram and it's easy to see that indoor plants are the new grey. But further to being the latest “it” decor item, there are a lot more benefits to keeping thriving pops of green throughout your home.

In addition to purifying your air, indoor plants are known to boost your mood, increase productivity, creativity and concentration, and they’re also proven to reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds.

But having plants and keeping plants are two very different things. It can be quite the challenge to keep the little leafy delights alive! Luckily, our resident plant lady, Faith Imhoff, has a few tips and tricks to turn you from a plant killer to plant whisperer.

Here are Faith’s 6 top tips to keep your indoor plants happy…..and living!

1. Don’t overwater your plants.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with indoor plants is overwatering them. If you forget to water your plants and the pot is bone try, trim off the dead leaves and give them a soak in the bath/sink. They should bounce back pretty quickly or you can just give them a really good water. If you over water your plants, they will get root rot and most likely die. It is possible to save a plant with root rot but it’s pretty hard to do, so it’s better to avoid overwatering all together!

2. Give them a daily spritz.

Plants like humidity! So if the weather is dry or we have heaters pumping dry air around our houses, plants can get pretty sad. Have a spray bottle handy with some water (keep it somewhere near your plants) and in the morning, before you head out for the day, give your house plants a spritz and then once again, in the afternoon, when you get home. Your plants will thank you for it.

3. Fertilise

During the spring and summer months be sure to pick up some indoor plant fertiliser and sprinkle it in your pot. As you water your plants, the slow-release fertiliser will give your plant food and nutrients to encourage new leaf growth.

4. Check for yellow leaves.

If your plant has yellow leaves it either means it has too much water, so put it somewhere warm to dry out a bit, or it’s not getting enough light. So pop your plant somewhere with more filtered light. It might be trial and error to see which one fixes the problem!

5. Brown crunchy spots on leaves or droopy sad leaves.

Generally, these signs mean it’s not getting enough water or humidity. Give it a spritz and some water. And they will spring back to perky leaves.

6. Cut off dead or damaged leaves.

To help you plant look and feel it’s best cut off any dead or damaged leaves to promote the growth of new pretty baby leaves!

Well there you have it! 6 tips to turn you into a pro-plant lady (or sir). Now, you grow girl! We’re rooting for you! We be-leaf in you!

Ok, we are done with the plant puns now but don’t forget to share the plant love on social media and tag us @favourwomen. We would love to see your garden grow!


Faith is a true creative. Photographer, videographer, illustrator, and maker, Faith is a lover of all things cute and creative! On staff at iSEE Church as our Creative Content Coordinator, Faith could be doing anything from being behind the camera, to making stickers, designing graphics or creating GIFs! Outside of work she loves cooking, making, adventuring around the globe, and of course curating and nurturing her home jungle!

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